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Explore Agile Solutions for Finance
Fast. Simple. Accurate.

Wield Your Data

One Seamless Solution for Planning, Group Consolidation, Reporting and Analysis

Agile Planning is a web-based technology for planning, budgeting, monitoring, and end-of-period consolidation and reporting. Discover how you can gain much more from Qlik’s associative database by integrating Agile Planning’s innovative engine.

Gain both BI and Corporate Performance Management on the same platform, and manage your planning and reporting processes on the most powerful interface.


Turbocharge Your Planning and Analysis

Turn Qlik BI into a powerful business planning solution

Leverage Qlik BI into a rich, flexible, and scalable Corporate Performance Management system.

Get rid of the wear-out, low-value tasks that waste your time and attention, and adopt advanced technologies to do it for you.

Agile Planning slushes your planning cycle time, enhances data integrity, and synchronizes finance, sales, operations, human resources, and other business partners with a customizable, collaborative planning solution.

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